The scale of the garment ironing machine market led by North America (USD 2.39914 billion by 2028) (40% market share in 2020) The impact of the coronavirus outbreak and's global analysis and forecast

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The scale of the garment steamer market in 2021 is US$1.66278 million, and it is expected to reach US$2,399.1 billion by 2028, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.4% from 2021 to 2028. During the study period, prices of more than US$70 dominated the market. .

New York, October 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - The Garment Steamer Market: Key Insights Based on our "Garment Steamer Market Size and Forecast for 2028-COVID-19 Impact and Global Product Type Analysis (Handheld and Vertical) , Price range (below US$20, US$20 to US$70 and more than US$70), storage tank types (fixed and removable) and distribution channels (supermarkets and hypermarkets, specialty stores, online retail, and others), "Market It is expected to reach USD 2.39914 billion from USD 1.66278 billion in 2021 to USD 2.39914 billion in 2028; the compound annual growth rate for the period 2021-2028 is expected to be 5.4%.

Garment steamer market: competitive landscape and key developments Groupe SEB; Cornell Co., Ltd.; Jiffy Steamer Company, LLC; Koninklijke Philips NV; Salaf, USA; Mariant Company; Pure Concentration; Reliable Company; Panasonic; PurSteam and PurSteam are one of the major companies operating in the global garment steamer market. These companies offer a broad product portfolio in the market. These companies have offices in developing regions, which will help increase people’s awareness of garment steamers. These market participants are highly focused on developing high-quality and innovative products to meet customer requirements. They have realized the huge potential associated with the garment steamer and have been observed to be highly involved in mergers and acquisitions, product launches/product innovations and market plans.

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Garment ironing machine is an electrical appliance that uses high-temperature steam to remove wrinkles in clothes. The increase in per capita disposable income, the increase in the working population and the convenience provided by the garment steamer are the main factors driving the growth of the global garment steamer market. However, the high price of the product hinders the growth of the market. Due to the increasing awareness and adoption rate of garment steamers in developing economies, it is expected that active suppliers in the market will see lucrative growth opportunities during the forecast period.

In 2020, North America will occupy the largest share of the global garment steamer market. The growth of the North American market is due to factors such as increased disposable income, an increase in the working population, and a surge in preference for steam irons in the region. The continuous innovation and integration of advanced technology and continuous research and development have promoted the growth of the North American garment steamer market.

The preference of garment steamers over traditional irons has risen to promote market growth: due to the various benefits of garment steamers, consumers around the world have a higher preference for garment irons than traditional irons. Garment irons usually remove wrinkles faster than traditional irons. In addition, the garment steamer has a wide range of uses and can be used for clothing of different fabrics and styles. Iron has metal plates and needs to be handled carefully because it can burn various materials. In contrast, garment steamers only use garment steamers to relax materials and remove creases. Garment irons are increasingly used for delicate materials such as silk, chiffon, lace, wedding dresses and sarees, as well as formal clothing such as suits and office wear, because they will not cause any burns or damage any fabric. Therefore, the garment steamer has higher efficiency, portability, flexibility and ease of use, which makes the garment steamer more popular than traditional irons.

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Garment ironing machine market: breakdown overview According to product type, the global garment ironing machine market is divided into handheld and vertical. In 2020, the revenue share of the vertical market segment will be greater.

According to the price range, the global garment ironing machine market is subdivided into US$20 or less, US$20 to US$70, and US$70 or more. The market segment above $70 will dominate the market in 2020 and is expected to maintain its dominant position during the forecast period. However, it is expected that the US$20 to US$70 market will grow at a higher rate during the forecast period.

According to the can type, the global garment steamer market is divided into fixed type and detachable type. In 2020, the movable part will account for a larger share of revenue.

According to distribution channels, the garment ironing machine market is subdivided into supermarkets and hypermarkets, specialty stores, and online retail. The supermarket and hypermarket sector will dominate the market in 2020 and is expected to maintain its dominant position during the forecast period.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the garment steamer market: Initially, the COVID-19 pandemic had a negative impact on the garment steamer market. Due to the sudden closure of national and international borders, the outbreak distorted operational efficiency and disrupted the value chain, causing revenue loss and damage. The disruption of production and supply chains hindered the growth of the garment steamer market. The COVID-19 outbreak has also led to more adoption of work-from-home situations, where people manage home and office work at the same time. Due to busy schedules and work pressures, people prefer convenient household products that allow them to do housework easily and conveniently. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, similar lockdowns have occurred in countries around the world, resulting in the closure of retail stores, convenience stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets. In this way, the crisis hindered the distribution network of garment steamers. However, due to the closure of physical stores, consumers are turning to online retail. As a result, online sales of various products have increased. Therefore, the increase in online sales has had a positive impact on online distribution channels.

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The key issues that require the clothing steamer market:

Can you list some of the major players operating in the global garment steamer market?

According to the price range, which market segment will lead the global garment steamer market in 2020?

Which region occupies the largest share of the global garment steamer market?

What are the main factors that are affecting the growth of the global garment steamer market?

According to the can type, which market segment leads the global garment steamer market during the forecast period?

How is the market scope of the garment steamer defined?

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