Diwali Gifts: Your Last Minute Guide

2021-11-25 09:54:38 By : Ms. Ada Xiao

New Delhi: Diwali is coming soon. If you haven't arranged your gifts yet, then your time is running out. You can't go wrong with a family or a hostess, or even some technology-related products that are always appreciated. We have compiled a list of items that you can’t make mistakes: 1. Smart wearable devices for your loved ones-FreeStyle Libre FreeStyle Libre is a small and lightweight sensor that can automatically measure blood glucose levels day after day . Technological advancements have enabled wearable devices such as Freestyle Libre to allow people to pay close attention to blood sugar levels, especially those with diabetes. Smart devices are easy to apply and provide the highest level of accuracy and performance standards. The best part? It is waterproof and will not sleep even when you are asleep, because the device will alert you of high and low blood sugar levels even when you are asleep. Available on Amazon.in Price: FreeStyle Libre Flash glucose monitoring system (reader and sensor)-10 Indian rupees, 418 Indian rupees. 2. ORVI HOME Orvi's home furnishing items are conceptualized from the nuances of daily life, integrating organic shapes and earth tones, and decorating them with environmentally friendly materials and forms. The perfect combination of local materials, ancient craftsmanship and bold design are transformed into carefully curated sustainable household items such as tabletop items, home accessories and kitchen items such as plates, bowls, antiques and cake stands. The idea and origin of our items include creative thinking, innovation and quality control. Each masterpiece tells an emotional story. Price: Inquiry Availability: https://www.orvi.com/ 3. Obsessions carpets Obsessions provide unique beauty and excellent quality, providing more than 125 kinds of polypropylene (PP), polyester, new made carpets New Zealand wool, viscose and silk mark itself as a pioneer in Indian carpet and rug retail. The carpet series uses high-quality materials and the most advanced technology, ranging from Belgian, Turkish and Persian to Indian carpets. 4. Ikai Asai Amethyst Peg Measure Amethyst is a kind of purple quartz, considered one of the most important gems in the old world. Jaipur’s artists created fuchsia wine utensils, giving us the feeling of having a drink in a noisy tavern in medieval Greece. Price: 8 Indian rupees, 500 rupees / number of pieces in a set: 1, a nail measurement 5. D'Decor decorative quilt and luxury quilt set this year 2021 autumn and winter series can enhance your celebration and enhance your space at home. It provides a holiday series that perfectly integrates unique architectural elements and designs, and optimizes the smart functions of the home. By reimagining the stereotypes of contemporary design, the new series examines home decoration necessities from a new perspective. Prices are based on requirements. Number of pieces in a set: 1-3 6. Ritu Kumar Home Jasmine Tea Votive Brass tin wax candle. Price: Rs 3, 200/- can be purchased online 7. Good Earth 25th Anniversary Design Series: BOSPORUS Every year, India’s leading luxury design company Good Earth launches an annual design series to celebrate specific traditions or cultures from the Indian subcontinent and other regions On the ancient Silk Road. In its 25th anniversary series, the team turned their design attention to the area around the Bosphorus Strait, a famous waterway that connects Europe and Asia and represents the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures. Pomegranate and rose an image of the romance of open-air dining intertwined with aromatic food-ruby red pomegranate and deep pink rose, these two ingredients elevate the cuisine of Central Asia and the Mediterranean region and inspire our delightful dinner series. The famous British artist Rebecca Campbell created a lush pomegranate tree with climbing roses, which symbolizes abundance and fertility. All kinds of whimsical elements are reminiscent of orchards, gardens and promenades along the Bosphorus in a world of dreamy spectacles. Exquisite porcelain tableware with 24-carat golden highlights is available in plates, bowls and gift sets. Price: Starting at 4500 rupees/-. Available online. 8. The testimony of Good Earth’s brass decoration heritage skills, brass vessel-shaped vases and bowls made by master craftsmen, and traditional lamps redesigned by Good Earth, retaining the handcraftsmanship and adding to your interior design Timeless style. Price: from 11,000 rupees. Available online 9. Optimus i-Pro Chimney, India’s first Chimney Himney that supports the Internet of Things Himney Himney’s Optimus i-Pro chimney that supports the Internet of Things is equipped with MaxX Silence technology, which reduces noise compared with traditional automatic cleaning kitchen chimneys 32%. Thermal automatic cleaning technology keeps the chimney clean from the inside, enhancing your cooking experience. It has a suction power of 1,350 meters per hour, is equipped with motion sensor technology, and can also be operated using voice commands or Hindware device mobile apps. Price: Rs 48, 990 10 available online. Medy365.com Medy365 is an e-commerce platform that aims to provide the best Ayurvedic products in a scientific way. They have approximately 61 years of experience in the Ayurvedic industry. Their ancestors were physicians (vaids) of the Maharaja family. Using their experience and formulas in herbs and medicines, they now provide people with ancient and proven formulas. The products are manufactured by a unit approved by the World Health Organization GMP, using the latest technology. Price: 3,000 rupees Availability: https://medy365.com/ 11. The promise of pure air SPACES air purification series not only provide good sleep, but also provide a variety of attractive designs and attractive colors to suit your aesthetics Preference and complement your bedroom decor. Moreover, the prices of bed sheets and quilts are between 1,300 Indian rupees and 4,000 Indian rupees, and the innovative product line is also very economical. It can be purchased at https://www.spaces.in/catalogsearch/result/?q=CO2 Pure 12. Floral candles-4-piece set immerse yourself in the luxurious warmth and rich and comfortable aroma of our scented candles. The candle exudes a fragrance, gently injecting charming natural fragrance into your living space, allowing your body, mind and soul to enjoy it. The candle is packed in a charming gift box and let it sit idle as a gift for this holiday. Price-INR 1,920/- available at http://www.thedecorkart.com/ 13. GH Mumm drinks toast milestones, personal achievements or just celebrate friendship through impromptu gatherings, Mumm Grand Cordon Champagne's extraordinary freshness evokes life The excitement in the most memorable moment. Champagne is priced at 5,000 Indian rupees (Delhi price) and can be purchased online. 14. The Swarovski Showpiece Dulcis series is full of pop art-inspired delicacies, strong and feminine. The Dextera family provides eye-catching streamlined silhouettes that not only highlight crystals, but also Highlight the metallic tone. Not available http://swarovski.com/ 15. Philips EasyTouch Plus Garment Steamer Philips EasyTouch Plus Garment Steamer is specially designed to easily remove creases every day. The steam engine is equipped with a 25% larger steam plate, which can cover more fabric area at one time. It provides 5 steam settings for different types of fabrics to ensure that it will not burn on any type of fabric. It also helps to remove odors and kill bacteria, keeping people refreshed and healthy. It has a wide range of basic steaming solutions and is the perfect device for fast finishing, delicate and difficult-to-iron clothes. It is priced at Rs 8,995 and can be purchased online. 16. Philips High-Performance Silent Mixing Polishing Machine-HL7777/00 This product is an innovative household appliance that uses soft sound technology to help reduce sound power by 50%*. Its one-button multi-function mode can adjust the speed to the best level for better performance and minimum noise. This mixing grinder is powered by a 750 watt motor with smart sensors, and its performance has been increased by 2 times. ** The agitator grinder makes grinding, mixing and chopping fast and easy. It can even crush ice cubes and prepare sauces, dips and smoothies. Price: Rs 14,995, can be purchased online. 17. Send your furry friends this Deepavali pandemic stage from FurBuddies so that all pet parents have the opportunity to spend most of their time on their furry. Not only do they enjoy daily housework, but they also celebrate all festivals happily. From dressing up to giving gifts, pet parents and their dogs have performed miracles last year. This year, we look forward to Diwali again with the same excitement and are ready to start our Pawrty mode. Prices are based on requirements. Available online. 18. The world tea culture lights up your loved ones with gifts from all over the world! Confused about what gift to give to your loved ones this Diwali? What better gift than healthy gifts and soothing drinks that every Indian loves! The world tea culture is a series of handmade whole leaf teas carefully selected from Japan, China, Vietnam, South Africa, Argentina and India. These teas from all over the world are the perfect soothing gift for tea lovers and current work at home. It can be purchased on https://teacultureoftheworld.com/Gift or can be ordered on www.amazon.in 19. Elara iPro water purifier rear mount Elara iPro water purifier adopts Advance Copper technology, which can be used from pure water with copper Provide adequate nutrition, while also removing bacteria, microorganisms and fungi in the water. This smart water purifier also provides real-time TDS of purified water and monitors the daily water consumption of the household, while synchronizing with Hindware's mobile app. In addition, the Wi-fi Direct technology in the water purifier can communicate even if there is no valid Internet connection at home. There is also a touch display icon for online call registration through the product itself. Price: Rs 18,990 Available online. 20. OnePlus Nord CE 5G OnePlus Nord CE 5G is one of the newest members of the OnePlus ecosystem, dedicated to providing its "core" functions as well as excellent design, stunning display, clean software experience and good battery backup. More affordable prices. OnePlus Nord CE 5G is equipped with industry-leading hardware and powerful necessities, providing powerful and uncompromising performance, making it a suitable device for friends and family during this holiday season. Price: 22,999 rupees. Users can also enjoy the following publishing benefits when purchasing OnePlus Nord CE 5G 21. ViewSonic TD1655, a portable touch display This Diwali explores a high-tech portable display that can surprise you. ViewSonic TD1655 is a portable monitor, affordable, designed to meet the comfort of our homes. The design of the product fits and eases the trend of working at home. Its flexible display settings help to work for a long time. The high-tech touch portable display can be easily connected to laptops and other devices. Price: Rs 23, 990 Available at http://www.viewsonic.com/ 22. Khilauna series festivals are coming soon, the arrival of winter brings grand festivals and markets. From the colorful phirkis to the guccha of futes, each khilauna is someone’s definition of a beautiful Sunday during the festival. Choose your favorite khilauna from the Rani Pink series of handmade products, which have different colors of joy and celebration. Prices are based on requirements. Available at https://www.ranipinkgifts.com/ 23. Mini Liplay All-in-one Instax LiPlay is not just a camera; it is also a printer. The camera has functions such as voice recording, which can convert the voice recording into a QR code and add it to your photos. Another exciting feature of Liplay is the direct printing function, which allows people to print any image from a smartphone on the Instax mini film. It also provides remote shooting capabilities through the Liplay smartphone app, which releases the shutter when away from the camera itself. Price: 11 rupees, 350 rupees can be purchased online. 24. OnePlus Buds Pro Combining rich features and high-end design, the new OnePlus Buds Pro provides users with a highly customized and rich audio experience. TWS Buds has an industry-leading intelligent noise reduction system, excellent call quality, longer battery performance and personalized sound profile, which can create a truly immersive and high-quality audio experience. Prices are based on requirements. Available online