Why is steaming better than ironing clothes? Southern life

2021-11-25 09:09:02 By : Mr. Eric Yin

Living in a historic house is a character and two small closets. Coupled with the small footprint of my 1930s shotgun house, you can imagine the Tetris game being played in every corner and crevice. In the closet in my bedroom, this means that a pile of clothes is comparable to the end-of-season sale racks in a department store—it can’t be read, and it’s harder to keep wrinkles.

No matter how refreshing I was when I hung up my top for the first time, it was doomed to fail once it touched my full closet. The only antidote? An effective anti-wrinkle procedure.

For many people, this may mean unplugging the iron (although the art of ironing may slowly disappear). In my world, all this is related to the steamer. No need for spare parts (goodbye ironing board), no trouble, power steam is easier. I have done so many steaming things, you better believe that the fixtures in my laundry room are also professional. I don't mess around  

If you are still convinced that you have to pull out the ironing board every time you need to iron your shirt, here are five reasons why your clothes steam better than ironing.

Steam will not damage your clothes easily.

Although steam is a safe and gentle way to remove wrinkles, ironing also has some risks. If you don't pay enough attention to the care label of your clothes, you may end up with burn marks. The steam engine emits a stream of steam without coming into contact with the fabric, so there is no hot plate that poses a risk of burns.

The steamer can be used for fabrics and styles that are difficult to iron.

If you have ever tried ironing a suit jacket, you will understand why it is so easy to hang the jacket and use a hose with a steam wand at the end.

It is more versatile.

You can easily move your steamer around the house, giving you a new look from curtains to pillows.  

It does not require any professional knowledge.

Ironing is skillful. You need to know how to move clothes on the board and set the temperature to just the right amount to create the perfect crease. When steaming, you only need to turn on the machine and press the trigger.

According to Martha Stewart, you can steam the smell from your clothes. Heat and steam can kill bacteria and allergens that cause odors. Although you still need to wash your clothes, this can help freshen fabrics that are not often washed, such as curtains, or remove stubborn odors that you can't seem to remove from clean clothes.

All you need is a plug, water and a hook to start steaming. Although you must clean the dishes on the iron frequently, the steamer does not require maintenance. There are no extra ironing boards or accessories to store, and it's fast. Simply put, it's easy.

Since the steam engine does not press the crease on the fabric, you may want to grab the iron in rare cases. Ironing the shirt aside, I will stick to my steamer.