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2021-11-25 09:17:14 By : Ms. Candice Lian

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Ever thought that you can wave a magic wrinkle reduction stick in your closet without even removing shirts and skirts from the hangers? The best garment steamers can almost literally fulfill this wish. Wave a hand-held steam engine on the hanging clothes. Its steam jet will smooth the creases without touching your precious fabrics. There is no risk of scalding, no struggling with the ironing board, and no "Did I leave the iron on it?" When you are halfway through the supermarket.

You can also buy an upright garment steamer that looks (and works) a bit like a trouser iron. Hang your clothes on the steamer. The steam from the water tank at the bottom of the device will straighten them and refresh them, possibly avoiding the need for expensive dry cleaning.

Jump to our selection of the best garment steamer, which can touch up your thread even when you are on the go. Or read on for tips on choosing the ideal steamer for you and your clothes.

Each main type of garment steamer has obvious advantages and disadvantages...

Hand-held garment steamers are inevitably smaller, lighter and more portable than vertical models. They also tend to be cheaper, although powerful hand steamers sell for more than £100. Most hand steamers weigh about 1 kg before adding water, but remember that a large water tank (1 liter or more) will depress them and make them drip. On the other hand, a large water tank may have multiple benefits-one of our suggestions can even double as a travel bottle.

Upright garment steamers usually have a built-in "ironing" board on which you can put your clothes on and perform steam ironing on a flat surface-there is no risk of iron scalding. Many vertical steamers also have a built-in hanger that can be used to hold skirts and jackets while reducing wrinkles and refreshing. The free-standing steamer has a larger water tank and usually has a variety of advanced features, such as multi-stage steam and automatic shut-off. But they do cost more, and you can’t put them in your suitcase, so it’s really convenient to use a hand-held steamer for summer weddings, work trips, and other trips.

Lightness and portability are essential for a hand-held steamer, especially if you want to put it in your suitcase. Most hand-held garment steamers are lighter than irons.

Continuous steam means that the device will emit steam for a few seconds at a time, usually as long as 15 seconds in a hand-held steamer, so you don't have to keep pressing the button.

Variable steam settings allow you to take a gentler approach to delicate fabrics and exert greater power on difficult-to-iron fabrics such as linen and denim or when steaming upholstery, bedding and curtains.

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Price: £65 | Buy now from Amazon

Philips’ hand-held garment steamer is more expensive than the other hand-held garment steamers we recommend, and lacks fancy features, but its powerful steam jet can complete the work quickly and efficiently without dripping or causing your The clothes are damp. Unlike most handheld garment steamers that can only be used vertically (so you can point it at hanging clothes, pistol style), this beautiful device can also be used when placed horizontally, so you can use it to reduce Embarrassingly dirty or soiled fabrics during ironing-Straighten the sheets after laying them out.

It is also very good at removing odors and bacteria from clothes, so it is very suitable for renewing a suit or dress that you have worn but do not want to be dry-cleaned. There is also a brush attachment, which is perfect for letting steam into thick fabrics and can even help remove some pet hair. The main disadvantage is that its small 70ml water tank can only steam one piece of clothing at a time.

Main specifications-Type: handheld; weight: 950g; tank capacity: 70ml; heating time: 45 seconds; continuous steam: yes

Price: £30 | Buy now from Swan

This new hand-held steamer from Swan is pleasant to use. The rotating cable and curved ergonomic design allow you to easily reach every crease in the wardrobe without having to take out all the clothes. Like the more expensive Philips Steam & Go, Swan’s steamer can work vertically or horizontally, so you can use its plate like an iron or use it upright to reduce and freshen clothes (and an optional extra fabric brush, which is Very suitable for jackets and curtains).

The device is also very suitable as a steam cleaner for windows, splash guards and tiles. The water tank is on the smaller side (250 ml, enough to hold a few shirts), but you can remove it to easily add water. The multifunctional steamer is very cost-effective.

Main specifications-Type: handheld; size: 27 x 13.5 x 9.5cm; tank capacity: 250ml; heating time: 3 minutes; continuous steam: yes

Price: £17 | Buy now from Amazon

Can't choose between wrinkle-free clothes and a cup of tea during the holidays? Then have it all, use this tiny clothes steamer-slash-travel water bottle. The spacious 450 ml water tank means that this steamer can handle a variety of items before refilling, and its four small spray heads provide surprisingly good impact for this affordable device. Since the water tank doubles as a kettle, you can brew a cup yourself as a reward for reducing all the items in the suitcase. Please note that although it appears in the photo, the device does have a power cord connected.

Main specifications-Type: Handheld; Weight: 970g; Tank capacity: 450ml; Heating time: 35 seconds for the first 100ml; Continuous steam: Yes

Price: £160 | Buy now from John Lewis

If you live with a family wearing shirts, or your closet is full of suits, dresses and jackets, and you always need to iron again to wear, then this upright steamer can make your life easy a lot of. Use the built-in clothes hanger (sorry,'FlexHead') to hang your clothes on it, or put them on the built-in clothes board (sorry,'StyleBoard'), let the steam automatically eliminate wrinkles, eliminate wardrobe odors and other things before you do Kill bacteria at the same time. It will automatically shut off when the water tank is empty.

The design of the circuit board means that you can even iron the creases of the trouser legs like a trouser press. You can set five different steam levels to suit different fabrics from the lightest silk to the heaviest linen, and inject the accompanying fragrance and Easy Rinse descaling agent into the water to keep it in its best condition.

Main specifications-Type: vertical; size: H174 x W37 x D33cm; fuel tank capacity: 1.8L; heating time: 60 seconds; continuous steam: yes

Buy now from John Lewis

Price: £279 | Buy now from John Lewis

Nearly £300, this is not a purchase that can be taken lightly. However, you cannot treat piles of household clothes lightly. Compared with standard irons and irons, this amazing all-in-one device from Tefal makes the work of organizing clothes easier and faster. Therefore, if you struggle with a lot of shirts, jackets and school uniforms every week, it can really change your life.

The whole device only takes up more space than a standard board and iron, but the iron itself is much lighter, so it is very easy to operate. Its steam function is more powerful than a standard steam iron, so even when dealing with stubborn creases, you will hardly feel that you are ironing. It can disinfect your clothes, sheets and furniture, and make your clothes smooth. The manufacturer claims that the maximum steam boost of 200 g/min can kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Although it has multiple functions such as an anti-scaling system, continuous steam option, and vertical pressing, it is relatively easy to assemble and very easy to use.

John Lewis buyers like this product with an average rating of 4.5. "The best steam iron I have ever used" said one buyer; another said: "I have never ironed it in one breath before."

Main specifications-Type: iron and vertical steamer; size: H168 x W40 x D40cm (4kg); fuel tank capacity: 1.1L; heating time: 70 seconds; continuous steam: yes

Buy now from John Lewis

Price: £35 | Buy now from Amazon

This stylish foldable handheld garment steamer from Tefal is the fastest heating speed we recommend, in a sense: it can be used within 15 seconds. However, the most important thing is that you can fold it up and put it in a drawer, which is much easier than our other steamer baskets, although it does have cables and needs to be plugged in to work. Therefore, it is not as portable as the Bokeh steamer/kettle in the list.

Tefal's foldable garment steamer is suitable for all fabrics and has a foldable head so you can fold it for travel. There is no constant steam, so you need to hold down the button and keep the device in a vertical position. It is very suitable for delicate fabrics, so it is very suitable to quickly set up your rags before going out on holiday nights. It also comes with a travel bag, cloth brushes, a beaker to fill a small 120 ml water tank, and a two-year free warranty.

Main specifications-Type: handheld; weight: 1.28kg; tank capacity: 120ml; heating time: 15 seconds; continuous steam: yes

Price: £50 | Buy now from Amazon

This economical steamer is equipped with a large 260ml water tank and powerful spray nozzles, which can handle a pile of linen suits at once, and its built-in pump means it can be used horizontally or vertically. After only 30 seconds is ready for use, it can use a continuous stream of water for up to 15 minutes to forcefully remove clothes and make it look new. Other advanced features include multiple automatic shutdown options; a free fabric brush attachment; a kettle-style 360-degree rotating cord can help you avoid being entangled in the power cord. We also like the transparent water tank design, which can easily display the remaining water volume.

Main specifications-type: handheld; weight: 700g; tank capacity: 260ml; heating time: 30 seconds; continuous steam: yes

Price: £30 | Buy now from Amazon

The Pro Breeze garment ironer can only work in a vertical position, but its nozzle design makes it ideal for steaming a variety of fabrics at home, including curtains, bedding and furniture. Its steam ejector is not as powerful as a Philips or Beautural hand-held steam engine, but the steam is very evenly distributed, making it an excellent choice for steaming beads, folds and sequins, while the flat iron steam engine is not very good at handling.

Main specifications-Type: handheld; weight: 780g; tank capacity: 200ml; heating time: 50 seconds; continuous steam: yes

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